Neck Pain

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 Are you suffering with neck pain?

We understand how troublesome your neck pain can be. But we have some terrific news for you: You don’t have to live with that pain any longer.

Your health is the most important thing to us. When you finally eliminate that neck pain, you can improve your health in so many other ways: Improved mood and mental outlook, increased longevity, weight stabilization, and less risk of disease.

Can you imagine how amazing it will feel to finally be rid of that neck pain?

What is Causing Your Neck Pain?

Causes of neck pain can include whiplash and injury, or through repetitive tasks such as driving, poor posture, sitting hunched over a desk or computer, or because of a disc problem or spinal misalignment. Even improper sleep position can throw your body out of alignment.

Any activity that puts undue pressure on your spine can cause misalignment, which can cause problems anywhere, and everywhere, in your body.

Your brain and nervous system control all of your bodily functions. When your spine is not aligned, it puts pressure on your nervous system, which disrupts communication between your brain and the rest of your body. And this can cause problems such as neck pain, back pain, headaches, and even problems with your organs, like your heart.

How We Can Help You

 By means of touch, we will evaluate the tonicity of various neck muscles, along with any areas of tenderness within those muscles. Treatment of your neck pain will often include correcting spinal misalignment, which is the most common culprit.

The problem with modern medicine is the risk factor. Surgery, of course, is risky, but even prescription medication comes with dangerous side effects. Plus, the purpose of medication is not to fix your problem. It’s to hide your problem.

Getting rid of your neck pain is our goal. And we’ll eliminate the cause, not hide it.

Don’t Take Our Word For It

Deepak Chopra has this to say about chiropractic care: “Chiropractors are the only [health care practitioners] who totally understand what we are talking about.”

Natural health expert, Dr. Joseph Mercola, says, “One of the major benefits of choosing chiropractic over a drug solution is that the former can help relieve your pain while offering you whole-body benefits.

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Dr. Baker – Your Royse City & Rockwall Chiropractor

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