Shoulder Pain

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 Are you suffering with shoulder pain?

 We understand how devastating your shoulder pain can be. But we have great news for you: You don’t have to live with that pain anymore.

When you eliminate shoulder pain from your life, you welcome great health into it. And when you’re healthy, it improves your mood and mental outlook, results in greater longevity and more energy, and even better weight stabilization, and less risk of disease.

Just imagine how getting rid of your shoulder pain will improve your life in every way!

What is Causing Your Shoulder Pain?

Even with all the tissue surrounding and supporting the shoulder joint, it can shift out of alignment, causing the muscles and ligaments to pull differently. This leads to muscle spasms, inflammation, and pain.

How We can Help You

Dr. Baker uses myofascial release to decrease these muscle spasms. Gentle adjustments to the shoulder can be performed to shift it forward or backward, depending on symptoms.

Adjusting the shoulder may involve manual or instrument adjusting. Additionally, having the neck and upper back adjusted will also help relieve shoulder discomfort.

Frozen Shoulder Syndrome (FSS)

Frozen Shoulder Syndrome is the restriction of movement from injury, lack of use, and/or pain. Patients with FSS are often unable to lift their arms. Rheumatic disease progression and recent shoulder surgery can also cause Frozen Shoulder Syndrome. 

The nerves that control the shoulder and arms exit the spine at the cervical levels.  Compression of these nerves can cause a variety of symptoms in the shoulders and arms.

Spinal misalignment can result in numerous problems throughout your body. Therefore, getting your cervical spine back into proper alignment can have profound effects on diminishing all of your shoulder pain.

For anyone considering surgery and medications, just be aware of the risks involved. Beyond surgery, which is obviously risky, medications come with dangerous side effects. And besides that, medication only masks the problem. It does nothing to cure the problem.

Problems that lie undetected are actually more harmful than those out in the open. Ask us about this; we’d be happy to explain what a dire situation this really is.

Don’t Take Our Word For It

Mel Gibson, a longtime fan of chiropractic care says, “whenever I have a problem, and I go to a chiropractor, my problems are gone for a long time."

World renowned leader in natural healing, Dr. Axe, is another believer. He says chiropractic care is an effective and natural treatment option for back pain, with incredible benefits.

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Dr. Baker – Your Royse City & Rockwall Chiropractor

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